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Faceless Portraits

Faceless Portraits

This popular choice style involves reducing the portrait to a simpler expression, using only a few lines or shapes to convey the subject's essence. We can focus on the subject's most important features, such as their posture, clothing, or surroundings.

What you get:

  • Digital Files (PDF, Jpeg and Png) - this digital file is for you to keep and use freely.

Turn-around time: up to 2 weeks

*PRODUCT DISCLAIMER: The photo provided by the customer will be used as a general guide. We create each piece using the original photo to make a base hand drawing that is uniquely created through our artistic interpretation of the photo. Thus, the end product will have discrepancies from the photo. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide any drafts or edits of the drawing. All orders will be final sale at the time of payment. Thank you for understanding.

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